troubled-waters-rpgTROUBLED WATERS is an original asylum rpg set in march, 2013, on Long Island, New York. We accept both pre-made and original characters. Opened since MARCH FIRST, 2013.


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Update ➜ 14 - 05 - 13

It’s been a long time in the making, but we’ve decided that Troubled Waters has reached its end (this time around, at least). I (Amanda) have gotten too busy to properly mod things and be active like a mod should be, so I’ve chosen to step down. I (Sam) am dealing with work overload and have been rather busy even though I hate it; I just don’t think I have it in my to continue on. I’m so sorry! We loved Troubled Waters a lot.

THAT BEING SAID, you’re more than welcome to the blog if one of you would like it! Just message us for the info. Troubled Waters was definitely a group effort, and if there’s a chance that someone wants to keep it alive, we’d love for you to take over.

Stay shiny! You’ve all been great :)

KELLIN QUINN ➜ patient.

  • ➜ NAME: Aiden Carter
  • ➜ AGE: 22
  • ➜ DIAGNOSIS/OCCUPATION: Major Depressive Disorder/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Witnessed wife’s murder and was almost killed himself; led to his depression) Substance Dependence (Alcohol and Marijuana, with alcohol being the main issue.)
  • ➜ FACE CLAIM: Kellin Quinn

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JAYMA MAYS  ghost.

  • ➜ NAME: Lillie Anderson
  • ➜ AGE: 32
  • ➜ OCCUPATION:Though Lillie is now a ghost, she was once one of the most beloved nurses in the institution. Having been killed in 1948 by an unfortunate tumble down the stairs when escorting a patient, or so the record states, Lillie has been trapped at the hospital ever since. However, being so devoted to her job, she doesn’t really mind this. Instead she continues to go about her business, watching over all her patients with love and care.
  • ➜ HIRING TYPE: Professional
  • ➜ FACE CLAIM: Jayma Mays

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If accepted, are you only alowed to rp with those inside troubled waters rp or can you rp with others outside of the rp aswell?


If you are accepted, you must keep your interactions within Troubled Waters. That means you can only rp with other members of this roleplay, no others.

04.18.130 NOTES Reblog
Are characters assigned to a specific doctor?

We’ve only got one doctor right now (HINT HINT) so characters can either be assigned to him or write self-paras of therapy sessions. Otherwise, they haven’t been specifically assigned to anyone.

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04.15.131 NOTES Reblog
Here's Amy. Also the anon is wrong, Psychopathy is still Psychopathy. Anti-Social Personality replaces Sociopathy. Psychopathy is linked with Psychosis.

Everybody go follow Amy if you haven’t already!

Research shows that there’s some debate on this topic. There’s similarities between them, but they’re not completely interchangeable. Make sure you do your research!


Are you aware that antisocial personality disorder has replaced psychopathy as a diagnosis for the same symptoms?


Thank you for letting us know!

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