troubled-waters-rpgTROUBLED WATERS is an original asylum rpg set in march, 2013, on Long Island, New York. We accept both pre-made and original characters. Opened since MARCH FIRST, 2013.


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  • ➜ NAME: Magnolia “Maggie” Roberts
  • ➜ AGE: 18
  • ➜ DIAGNOSIS/OCCUPATION: OCD, Borderline Personality Disorder
  • ➜ FACE CLAIM: Juno Temple

  • ➜ ROLE-PLAY SAMPLE “This is wrong.” Maggie’s words were quiet at first. It was as if she was speaking only to herself. “This. Is. Wrong.” This time Maggie’s words were clear as day. She was glaring at her desk. Someone had been in her room. And now she couldn’t—someone had touched her things. HER things. 
    A flurry of feelings rotated through her. She mainly felt like she was going to be sick.Her stomach dropped at the thought of someone being in her room and touching her things. Messing with her things. Maggie couldn’t be in there now. It was…Wrong. It was dirty. It was contaminated. 
    And then her anger flared up and she forgot about her feelings of sickness as she stormed down the hallway to her little sisters room. She glared at her sister before she began ranting, tears stinging her eyes. “You’re the reason I fucking hate coming home! You! You—went in my room!” Maggie lost track of what she said. Maggie always lost track of what she said when she had moments like this. 
    What she did know was that when she left her little sisters room, her sister was the one crying. And later, when Maggie’s parents asked her what had happened, she would reply the way she always did. “It’s probably just my fucking crazy acting up. Right? That’s how we explain every shitty thing I do, right?” Her parents never took this response well.
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